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Play BM Tron

In the 1982 Bally Midway revolutionized game company by creating a coin operated video game titled Tron. The video game was based on the Walt Disney science fiction movie Tron which was famous during those years, which also had light bikes. BM’s video game had captured the market instantly and achieved more in terms of collection when compared to the movie in the initial week of its release itself. This targeted in the making of its sequel in the year 1983 titled as Discs of Tron, which was based on the films disc action sequence. This was not decent yet another version of the game was published in the year 2003 named as BMTron 2.0, this was an advanced version of the series with new look and the graphics was up to its mark. Later the game was advanced further for the Xbox series in the year 2008.

As per the game BMTron 1.1 version is completely 2D video game, played between 2 players. In the game the player is not allowed to hit the edges and the enemy’s path or his own way, likely to win the game a player must catch his opponent in such a manner that his opponent is not able to escape by any chance. Using basic keys on board, the game is played.

Playing the newer version of the series gives a rejoiced feel, the graphics has improved a lot, the look is clear cut and the rules remain the same. Put or pull the enemy into your trap in the arena and you got the reward. The BM Tron 2.0 is played in 12 different levels, with improved difficulty in the game. Light bikes or cycles are player’s vehicles in the arena to be used to play the game. Like the older version here,there is no identical move of the enemy. Here every move is modified by the opponent depending on your move; this makes it more difficult to pass through. As the level gets higher, the game gets harder. Opponent’s move is affected by your play.

So to play this video game, you need lots of concentration and tricks, which can help you in trapping the opponent in the belt of his own light. It’s similar to the ‘pred prey’ format, where the predator catches up its prey by following its every action and trapping it in its own path. At last, the reward depends on who behaves as the predator in the game.

So play the game, enjoy the process how the game is changing every second according to your move towards your opponent in the arena. The series also had few more weaponry and obstacles too, but for the present version BM Tron 2.0 you are provided by a light bike and your opponent with his light bike.


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